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5 Marketing Resolutions Every Financial Advisor Should Make In 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! With the new year, you get a fresh start for your advisory business. What can you do this year to be more successful? Hear more from Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell. 

Video Transcript

Happy New Year! It’s officially 2020. And if one thing’s for sure, marketing your business in this next decade is only going to be more difficult as there’s more competition. So today I’m sharing 5 resolutions that we’re encouraging all of the financial advisors that we work with here at Twenty Over Ten to make so that they can get more business in this next decade. I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten and let’s dive right In.

Resolution #1 – Blog

Resolution number one – finally start that blog, and if you already got a blog, finally get in the habit of posting content regularly. So make it your mission to post at least two times a month an original piece of thought leadership. Our research has shown that the advisors who get 6-10 or 11 or more leads that turn into clients every year are posting at least two times a month. So that was from a survey we did back in 2019. So two times a month is all it takes in order to see really great results.

Resolution #2 – Increase Engagement On Social Media and Emails

Number two – work on increasing your engagement on social media and through email marketing. So we’re talking about increasing your email open and click-through rates and getting more people to interact with your social media posts.

I have a couple of tips for you on this. Be consistent – you want to post on social media three to four times a week at a minimum and you want to do an email marketing campaign at least once a month if not more. Always end your social media posts with a question. This will really help get people engaged and you’ll get way more comments if you say something like “I have a guide for you all about X. Comment below and let me know, and if you like it and I will go ahead and send it to you.” You’ll get a lot more comments which will increase your engagement.

Resolution #3 – Clean Your Email List

Okay moving on to tip number three – clean up your email list. This is crucial for being able to segment and personalize your audience so that you can send hyper hyper targeted messages. Personalized marketing is the way that things are going to go in 2020. You don’t want to have just one type of content that you send everyone. Instead, you want to bucket people into different lists and send them information that they crave.

So for instance, you might have a list of people that are 60 and over. Or another list of people that all work at X company or another list of people that all live in X city right. Then you can send them different content based upon their location, their occupation, or their age. You’re going to get way higher open rates and click-through rates and the content will be much more meaningful and personalized for that audience.

Resolution #4 – Automate

Okay moving on to tip number four – Automate, automate, automate! The more you can automate your marketing, the more successful you will be. There is so much that goes into being a successful marketer and making sure your business and your brand stand out that you really just have to automate if you want to compete.

The number one thing that I recommend that you automate is your social media posts. If you don’t already, start using a social media scheduler so that at the beginning of the month, you can schedule out those three to four posts every single week. And then once you have it set, you can forget about it until the next month rolls around.

Resolution #5 – Try Something New

Okay, the last tip. Tip number five-try at least one new thing this year in 2020. Whether it’s adding a chatbot to your website to be more interactive with people, getting started with video marketing for higher engagement, or adding a pop-up form for freemium to your website. Try one thing new and assess how it’s working because trying new things is going to be the best way to determine what works and to get more engagement for your business.

Happy New Year, everyone. Make sure you like this video and subscribe to Twenty Over Ten so that all year you can get our weekly videos just like this one. Thanks so much.

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