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Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: What To Outsource and What To Do Yourself

It’s hard enough to run a business, but when you add in marketing, it can even harder to keep up. Having a strong marketing strategy is crucial to set your advisory firm apart from the competition and drive traffic to your website, but can you keep up with all of it yourself? When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, there are some things to you can do yourself at your company, and some tasks that would be best if outsourced.

3 Things Outsourcing Should Accomplish

Like everything, there are pros and cons, and if you are going to outsource your work, then make sure that that it does the following for your company.

1. Increases Business Efficiency

As a busy advisor, you are constantly getting pulled in many different directions, so when you are outsourcing something, make sure it increases the efficiency of your business.

2. Produces High-Quality Work

This goes without saying, but no matter what you are outsourcing, it’s pertinent that the work being produced is high-quality. You are trusting another company to do a task that produces strong work that will boost your business and make it more efficient, so once the outsourcing process has begun, check-in periodically and see how it is going.

3. Cuts the Cost of Labor

Outsourcing is all about efficiency and cutting costs, so when you are outsourcing certain tasks, you can be saving on the time and money that it takes to train your employees on a certain task.

Additionally, when it comes to outsourcing, there are several benefits to your company, such as:

  1. It can provide better services faster
  2. It can save your firm money
  3. It increases efficiency

When it comes to outsourcing, however, some worry because someone outside of your firm is speaking for your company and many advisors worry about low-quality work. Additionally, what’s great about outsourcing, is that you can be as involved as you want in the process, therefore allowing for monitoring and ensuring the work is still moving on the right track. So, what marketing tasks should you outsource?

Which Tasks Should You Outsource?


64% of B2B marketers outsource their writing in some way, so hiring a third-party or using a tool to create strong blog content is a great way to reach an audience while also taking work off of your plate. When it comes to creating your own blog posts, the thoughts are original and nobody knows your firm better than you and your employees, so you may be hesitant to outsource this task. However, there are plus sides to doing this that can boost your blog content and with all the competition and the increasingly important aspect of content marketing, you can get highly skilled professionals who know your niche and industry inside and out.

Additionally, if you are having a hard time finding the time to regularly blog, then it’s time to start outsourcing, and according to HubSpot, just one to two blogs per month can boost your B2B leads by 70%.

When it comes to hiring someone else to create your blog posts, what’s great is that you can still moderate interactions and ensure that everything is running smoothly with your blog section. When advisors receive their blog content, they should expect it to be about 85% to 95% done, and then the last 5% to 15% is the responsibility of the advisor. This is your chance to “make it your own” and put your unique tone, voice and insights into the blog. Some final touches to add are:

Find Strong Images and Videos to Add to the Post

Studies show that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.

Add Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags to Images in the Post

Adding a meta description is crucial to get viewers to click on your content and boost your click-through-rate.

Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management meta description

Twenty Over Ten client Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management has a meta-description showing that they are an independent fee-only wealth management firm providing financial advice to high net worth individuals. This can all be seen before even clicking on the website, therefore showing the importance of a strong meta-description.

Check for Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Do a quick sweep and just make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Your work needs to be clear of errors so that you can be seen as a trusted source in the industry.

Insert Infographics and Statistics Where Appropriate

30% of marketers use original graphics, such as infographics, more than any other type of visual content, including videos and GIFs.

Infographics help readers take in a lot of important information such as charts, statistics, and graphs, all at once.

Include Internal Linking to other Posts on Your Website

Linking internally allows for search engines to follow links to find other pertinent pages with similar content. It not only keeps readers on your website longer by directing them to other content that they can read but Google can crawl your website easier when the links are easy to follow.

Add-in Keywords

Check for keywords and add them in where acceptable, as these will help your firm to show up in search engines when someone types in a certain keyword.

By doing all of the above tasks, you are able to really make the blog post your own and even though you didn’t write it, by including your own voice and input you now have a strong blog to schedule and you saved a lot of time.

At Twenty Over Ten, we offer our clients Content Assist where they have access to a robust content library where users are able to choose blog posts based on a specific category, load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. Once adding the post, advisors then have the ability to customize and edit the content in their unique voice, add in SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise.

Content Assist

Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, 72% of large organizations and 33% of small companies outsource their content creation. Just like the above, there are several things that can be outsourced and then as the advisor, you can tailor it to make it your own. Some things that you can have outsourced are:

  • Offsite content that links back to your site
  • Finding sources to interview
  • Working on increasing your post engagement
  • Keep track of your budget

Diving deeper, you can have the below outsourced as well, but still have control of what is shown on your website.

Repurpose Old Blog Content

When you historically optimize and repurpose your old blog content, you get more legs out of your work. You work so hard on these blogs, so you don’t want them to simply get lost in the mix. When you optimize a blog you can “freshen” it up with links, add new images, infographics, videos, and then the blog can be reshared on your blog and on social media.

Creating and Managing your Editorial Calendar

Creating an editorial calendar is crucial as it helps you to keep your content on a schedule, which can be more difficult to keep as you get busy. Once the calendar has been outsourced and created, you can organize it by:

  1. Turning your content into a strategy
  2. Delegating who will have specific tasks
  3. Identifying Content Themes
  4. Prioritizing Content of Importance
  5. Mapping out the. Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Ensuring all Content is Mobile-Friendly

According to the Pew Research Center, 84% of affluent Americans own a smartphone. Of those, 97% said they use a smartphone for text messaging, 92% use it for phone calls, 89% for internet access, 88% for email, and 75% for social networking. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, and it loads slowly or the images look distorted, then you will be missing out a lot of traffic.

Through Lead Pilot, users can share customized content marketing with their audience with access to the industry’s largest completely customizable library of editorial-style content. It gives users the ability to add in their unique voice, add in SEO keywords, and further show that they are a thought-leader. Additionally, with Lead Pilot, the content offers:

  • Optimized content for readers and current SEO standards.
  • Full-size featured stock image and social media image selected to match each topic.
  • Easily filter content by categories like behavioral finance, insurance, investing, young adult and more.
  • Identify content unique to your target audience with persona filtering for business owners, high-net-worth, millennials and more.

Lead Pilot Content Marketing

As you can see, when choosing a third-party source to create content, you can really get a lot by using tools that offer customizable content as you can get blog posts and content with the click of a button but make it completely your own.

Social Media

Over 3.8 billion people use social media in 2020, so if your company isn’t on it, then you are really missing out on an opportunity to connect with a different audience and drive traffic to your website. When posting on social media, it’s good to post original content, share infographics, video, third-party sources, etc. One of the hardest parts, however, is creating the content that you want to share. When you are sharing content, it’s crucial to think about what your audience will want to see and what will help them. Thinking of this content can be difficult enough in itself, so think of all the time you will save if you outsource this!

Many tasks are small yet important and can be easily outsourced with minimal experience, and they include:

  • Managing and approving friend or follow requests and engaging with them
  • Interacting, commenting and retweeting relevant content
  • Sharing your blog content across social networks
  • Finding strong images and content to share from third-party sources
  • Scheduling your posts across your social platforms
  • Uploading YouTube videos to your channel
  • Sending a personal message to new followers

It’s all about interaction, so even though putting out relevant content is incredibly important, interacting with your audience is just as important, as it’s all about providing helpful information and forming a relationship with your social media followers.


If you aren’t utilizing analytics, then you won’t be able to see which parts of your website are performing well versus which needs some tweaking. The aspects of analytics that you can outsource are:

  • Monitoring trends with traffic, acquisition and conversions so you can see what needs tweaking
  • Spotting long-term patterns
  • Determining how cost-effective your marketing techniques are
  • Generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Analyzing engagement

When you have installed this free and useful tool, you can have a third-party do this, so you don’t spend the time poring through each of the above tasks. Google Analytics shows a lot of different readings, and it can be tedious to read through all of them, especially when you are short on time, so this is a great task to outsource, so then once you receive the information, you understand what may need some changes.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach thousands of people with a single click. You can segment lists so that your content is catered to a specific audience, you can send important company updates, newsletters, whatever you think your audience will want to read. While you will want to keep the more difficult and tedious tasks in-house, there are several easier things that you can outsource, such as:

Creating newsletters

Newsletters can be tailored to a specific audience and can include a wide range of topics. Pay attention to what is going on in the news, to industry trends and then provide your readers with relevant blogs and videos. Additionally, you can let them know about upcoming events or webinars. While not difficult, they can be tedious, so outsourcing the creation of newsletters will save a lot of time.

  • Proofreading and editing emails
  • Sending out bulk emails
  • Responding to questions that recipients have


SEO can be more complex, so you want to keep many of those tasks to yourself, but some of the simpler tasks can be outsourced. Those include:

  • Setting up a sitemap
  • Building and tweaking landing pages
  • Performing off-site optimization
  • Tracking your rank in search engines
  • Researching SEO trends
  • Monitoring site speed
  • Performing SEO audits
  • Keeping up with Google Algorithm

Performing Keyword Research

Interspersing relevant keywords throughout your website is key to helping your firm show up when someone is searching for a particular term. If someone is outsourced to perform keyword research then they are looking for alternative search terms that people enter into Google while looking for a similar subject.

Creating Strong Headlines

You don’t have a lot of time to grab the attention of your readers, in fact, you generally only have 15 seconds to draw in your audience and get them to stay on your website. So, have someone create catchy headlines that you can use for your blog posts. Some tips are:

  • Use numbers in your title
  • Ask a question
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use actionable language

Which Tasks Should You Do Yourself?

Nobody knows your company better than you or your employees, so that is an advantage to performing tasks in-house. When it comes to performing more technical tasks, then you should do those yourself or have somebody at your firm do them. While we discussed outsourcing blogs, content marketing, and the other above aspects if a subject is sensitive or is really catered to a specific initiative, then it would be best to handle that one yourself.

A third-party source isn’t going to know exactly what is going on at your company, so if there is an upcoming event or upcoming changes at your firm, you can provide the details that another person could not. You can provide them with all the important details, but by the time you have done that, you probably won’t’ have saved that much time.

The below tasks can be easily outsourced, as we discussed above, however, for the reasons below, sometimes it may be better to keep them in-house.

Link Building

When it comes to “link building,” as we mentioned above, this is something that you can outsource, however, if they mention “link farming,” or “link buying,” do not use this company. You want to ensure that you are building quality links with credible businesses, and this is not the way to do this.

Social Media

Social media can be outsourced as well, as we went into detail in regards to the tasks, however, it’s about engagement and connection, so having someone run the social media account that really understand the “ins and outs” of your business and can show the personality is the best way to run your firm’s social media strategy.

What Works Best for Your Firm?

No two advisory firms are alike, and so what works for one company may not work for another. When it comes to outsourcing, the ultimate goal is to produce strong content that not only boosts your SEO and traffic but also helps to free you and your team up to be more productive at work.

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