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Feature Friday: July 17, 2020

In this ever-changing, full-speed-ahead world we’re living in, we think it’s important that we keep our loyal readers updated on as much financial-industry technology that we can. This week, we’ve gathered together five pieces of thought-leadership from around the web that focus on building. Building what, exactly? Building relationships. Building skills. Building an arsenal of cohesive tech. And much more. Keep reading for a constructive list of blogs, guides and videos that are sure to help you build and improve your advisory business. 

1. New Risk Tool Launched: Tech Roundup via ThinkAdvisor

Building your inventory of tech tools can increase your productivity and efficiency like never before. This round-up article of new technology that can benefit financial advisors includes the Real Risk Meter, Lead Pilot updates and enhancements to the Firstrade app. The Real Risk Meter, a new risk analysis tool, has promised to assess risk for U.S. financial advisors like no other. It was designed “to help financial advisors provide prudent advice grounded in realistic capital market assumptions and behavioral expectations.” At just $24.77 a month, it is definitely worth it for advisors to look into building their technology repertoire with this new Real Risk Meter, not to mention the two other tech advancements highlighted in this piece of thought-leadership. Read the full article to learn more about these three fintech mentions. 

2. The Five Worst Copywriting Bloopers via Advisor Perspectives

Are you working on building written content for your website or social media platforms? Most advisors have some sort of blog, newsletter or Twitter account where they aim to connect with potential and current clients. This means, whether you like it or not, you have to write. Creating good copy (industry term for written words) is how you can make a good first impression and distinguish yourself from the masses of other financial advisors clients are choosing from. Reasons your website’s copy may not be working could be:

  1. It’s not compelling and specific.
  2. The average person can’t understand it.
  3. It’s not SEO-friendly.
  4. You’re not using a problem-solution format.
  5. It’s all about you.

Read the full article to find out how you can build your copywriting skills and improve your digital communications.

3. How to Make Your Advisor Website Accessible via Top Advisor Marketing

Building up the audiences that you are able to reach is an important aspect of marketing yourself. If your website does not cater to people with disabilities, you could be missing out on a large part of your potential market, not to mention that, in general, it’s a good rule of thumb to make your business as inclusive as possible. This podcast tells listeners:

  • How to make your website compatible with adaptive technology
  • How to tell if your website is accessible
  • What you can do to improve accessibility on your website
  • Ideas on how to adapt your services to meet different needs

4. Twenty Over Ten: How to Conduct Business As Usual When Life is Anything But Usual? Via WealthTech Club

This feature highlighting our most recent innovations and additions to the Lead Pilot platform is sure to help users build their digital marketing strategy. Our co-founder, Ryan Russell, sat down with the people over at WealthTech Club to tell them all about Twenty Over Ten’s future plans and biggest news: Lead Pilot’s newest features. Russell answered:

  • When did you understand that your clients will benefit from the new features? Was this a response to any event?
  • Lead Pilot – what are its biggest advantages over the competitors in marketing automation?
  • What trends do you observe in marketing and fintech currently? How can they impact the industry?

Read the full article to see Russell’s answers to these questions and many more!

5. The Key to Great Referral Relationships via Paul Kingsman

Finally, we found a great advice piece from renowned speaker and coach, Paul Kingsman, who discusses just how an advisor can build a strong referral relationship. In building your professional network, you may hope that people will begin immediately referring clients to you. However, simply shaking hands with someone or connecting with them on LinkedIn does not mean you have made their reference list. Kingsman says it takes time and patience to build these types of relationships. He names three main steps:

  1. Take time now to identify two or three COIs in your area you’d like to work with.
  2. Prepare direct, succinct language to use when approaching them.
  3. Be patient and commit to the long game, looking for ways you can help them to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.


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