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How to Write Blog Titles That Get The Most Social Media Clicks

Writing great blog titles might seem like a big task, but here is one simple trick you can follow to create amazing blog titles and get more clicks. Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares some insight.

Video Transcript

Small tweaks to the titles of your content to get way more click on social media. So what I’m talking about here is when you’re creating a blog post and you’re coming up with the title for that post, what should you title it so that when you go to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter people will see the title and think ooo that’s something that I want to read. So in order to show this to you today, I’m going to pull up a sample blog post and tweak the title with you right now so that you get a sense of what I’m talking about.

So to do that, I’m actually going to pull up Twenty Over Ten’s Lead Pilot tool. This is a tool that we have available that allows you to share your own content, to upload your own blog posts for distributing on social media and via email. We also provide a full Content Library for you. So that’s what I’m in right now where you can peruse different pieces of content and then actually edit them to be specific to your audience. But again, this would apply to whether you’re creating your own content or using content like the content in Lead Pilot. So let’s say I’m going to go ahead and choose this article here, which is “Stimulus checks are coming for Americans: Here’s what you need to know”.

Now all of the content in Lead Pilot is fully customizable, so I’m going to click “create draft’. And if this was an article that you had written yourself, your own original piece, that’s pretty good title right. People are very interested to know about the stimulus checks that are coming and when can they get them? How much money are they going to get?  They have lots of questions, so you want to answer the questions.

Add Hyper-Specific Information

However, the way that you can make any social media headline even better and even more pertinent to your own audience is to include specific information that they will identify with and make them think “oh, this post was written exactly for people like me”.

Add Location-Specific Keywords

So let’s say I was an advisor for instance based in New York. New York City is the epicenter of the pandemic in this country and they’re the hardest hit, right? So what if we change the title from stimulus checks are coming for Americans to stimulus checks are coming for New Yorkers: here’s what you need to know. And then we could replace the picture with a picture of the New York City skyline.

Just by making those two tweaks to the article, you’re probably going to get a lot more clicks from people in your local area, in the New York area because we made the article hyper-specific to New York, right? We could then even come in here and in the intro, maybe we want to add in a little section. We leave that intro there, but we say something like “across New York as we are the hardest-hit state, …..” Anything specific to New York and then go ahead save this as a draft and get it ready for sharing. When we go to share this now, on our social media accounts, on Facebook, remember if you’ve changed the image here, let’s say this was a New York City skyline and we have Stimulus checks are coming for New Yorkers: here’s what you need to know, think again about how many more people are going to see this article and it’s going to resonate with them because it’s particular to them.

Add Niche-Specific Keywords

This tactic applies to any content that you’re sharing. Try to stay away from more generalized titles and be as hyper-specific to your audience as you can. For instance, if you’re writing a blog post about taxes and you work with corporate executives, a title that would really resonate with them would be something like “Can capital gains push me into a higher tax bracket?” Instead of just “Everything you need to know about tax brackets for corporate executives.” You want to get as particular and as specific with your headlines as you can for the maximum amount of engagement for your audience.

I’m Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten. I hope you found this incredibly helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about Lead Pilot and this amazing tool that is specific for financial professionals and Insurance reps to create content and to share on social media and via email, you can head to the website for lead pilot which is Anyone who signs up between now and the end of June is going to receive their first 30 days free automatically because of the current pandemic. And we also have a discount that you can get up to the first year at 50% off. Click here for more information about these promos. So you can book a meeting with our team through this schedule a one-on-one demo button to learn all about that. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for even more tips to help you with your own marketing. Thanks, everyone.

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