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Video Content Ideas for Financial Advisors

Know you should be boosting your video marketing but don’t know where to start? This week Samantha Russell is breaking down an easy way to generate enough ideas for your video content to fill up your marketing schedule for months.

Video Transcript

Let’s talk about video content ideas for financial advisors. If you’re looking to get started with video marketing, chances are one of the struggles you have is knowing exactly what to talk about and coming up with a script. So today I’m going to show you an easy way to get over 500 different scripts with landing pages already built out for your video all in Twenty Over Ten’s new tool Lead Pilot.

So the first thing you’ll do is go into the Lead Pilot app, and when you log in you can search a topic that you’re interested in. So in this case, I’ve started to search for topics around 401(k)s. There’s a lot of talk about 401(k)s, with employers suspending their matching program or the recent legislation that allows you to withdraw up to $100,000. So you’ll see in here we have all different pieces of content that you can look at and peruse. So let’s say we wanted to talk about this piece of content: “you can now take $100,000 from your 401(k) or IRA, but should you?” So we can scroll down, we can read about the legislation that was packed in the CARES Act, we can read about how you can get the penalty free access to these retirement savings, the increase in loan limit. So you can see all these different talking points.

So let’s say this is going to become your script. You’re going to look at this and say, “these are great talking points, I want to create a video about this.” If you need to submit this script to compliance first, you can come over here and download this compliance PDF and send it off to your team, and then once they approve it you’re good to go with recording your video. Now, once you record your video and you upload it to YouTube-so let’s pretend this is your YouTube video here-watch how easy it is to now add the video into the script. So we’re just going to copy this URL link here, come back to this piece of content, and create a draft.

Now, once we have this draft created we can come in here and decide where we want to add the video. So let’s say we want to add it right here to the top. I’m going to click this “insert video button,” paste in the URL, and as easy as that the video will now be added to the page. If you wanted to match the image at the top with the thumbnail of your video, you would simply take a screenshot from your video or upload the thumbnail from Canva, if that’s what you use to create it, and then you can come here and replace the image at the top. You can also edit the title to match whatever your title of your video is. So in this case, the actual video was titled “Should I Withdraw Money From My 401(k)?” and then COVID, so we could change that, right? And then a great thing about this is you already have the script already in the landing page, so you don’t need to retype it all out, you don’t need to create a landing page for it.

Now we’ve got that built out, we’ll click save, and you’ve got this beautiful page which you can preview what it looks like on both a landing page or a mobile device. So in this case here, this fake company just for demo purposes is Summers Finance, and here we have our financial advisor Mark summers whose contact info is there. We can see what it looks like on a mobile device. So Lead Pilot makes it incredibly easy to get started with video marketing.

Now if we’re ready to share this, we can go ahead and click the share button, and we can either post it now or schedule it for later, and you’ll see we can post it to all of our social media channels. We can email it to our contacts, we can choose anyone who does end up subscribing on that landing page, what contact lists we want them to go to, we can gate the content. This tool makes it incredibly easy to have all the other components in place to handle video marketing promotion without having to do anything other than just record the video. So the scripts are given to you, the landing pages are pre-built out, all you need to do is record yourself talking about the topic and upload the video.

So, I hope this was helpful for you. If you’d like to learn more about Lead pilot just go to, you can start a 14-day free trial and someone will reach out to you to answer any questions immediately after you sign up, or you can first schedule a one-on-one demo with our team. Thanks so much and good luck getting started with video marketing.

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